If this slow, but gradual relationship between Daryl and Carol results in sexy time then I will be over the moon,

however, it is turns out that we are all delusional shippers with no sense of reality then…

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that’s her, but that ain’t her.

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Obsessive compulsive disporder? More like Obsessive Caryl Disorder. 

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without you by my side

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Do you all have random surges of emotion when you go, “EEEEHHHH WHY AREN’T CARYL AND DARYL TOGETHER ALREADY?”

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Oh, what are we doing
We are turning into dust
Playing house in the ruins of us

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When people tell me Caryl will never happen: 


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50 Pictures of Norman Reedus [2-3/50]

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I would be happy with a simple make-out session + baby making scene + Carol caressing Daryl’s muscular arms + Daryl professing his love through poetry-type episode…is that too much to ask? 

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If Carol dies before Daryl shows her a good time…


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